Friday, September 23, 2011

Laser Tag

During PE we have been practicing for laser tag for a few weeks by playing adapted versions of capture the flag.  Team work, team think, and team communication are crucial elements for success in both capture the flag and laser tag, and we used the high motivation for laser tag as an opportunity to work on some these skills.

During the preparations, the guys learned many good strategies, became better team mates, and expressed a lot of excitement about the laser tag opportunity.

On the day of, we received some instructions on how to use the equipment, and were divided into two teams before eventually let loose.  There were several fierce battles including some very good hiding, some precision shooting, and some excellent team work.  The last and best battle occurred when the students were placed on one team and the staff were on the other.  The student defensive strategy took out the staff who decided to attack from various angles.  Staff hope for an opportunity to get revenge next week.

This ended up being one of the best Thursday outings ever...  

... only to be topped by next week as we get to play laser tag AND ride the triple zip line!!!