Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Growing Pains" with Katie Franzen
Come out and join us for:
  • Spirit Night at CHICK-fil-A (Sandy Springs) on Nov 14.
  • 1st Raffle drawing for CHANGE4CHANGE will be on Nov 18. Get your coins in ASAP, so you will be eligible for great prizes!
  • Spirit Night at STEVIE B'S Pizza (Johns Creek) on Nov 22.
Save the Dates for:
Thank you
  • To Adam Kurgan and Josh Edelman, Learning on the Log received over $1500 from their Basketball Shoot-A-Thon fundraiser!!!!
  • To Dunwoody Kroger for agreeing to donate Sugar Cookies for our "Cookies with Santa" event in December.
  • To SignARama Decatur for providing Special Event Signs for us, free of charge!
- Katie Franzen

"5 Rules of Learning on the Log"

After hours of processing, reflection, and deliberation, Learning on the Log has come up with 5 great rules/suggestions/guidelines that any staff, parent, volunteer, or counselor in training (CIT) need to follow when on our outings.

1. Our main goal is to INTERACT, RELATE, and COMMUNICATE.
2. Talk to the kids, not the adults.
3. Talk to the kids at their level. - Adult conversations should be done after the program.
4. Play so that you both have fun. - Find the inner child in you.
5. When in doubt, follow the lead of a Learning on the Log staff.

- Armann Fenger

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Growing Pains" with Katie Franzen

You can show your support by joining us for one or all of the following Spirit Nights at local restaurants. PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES THAT LIVE IN THESE AREAS TO COME OUT AND SUPPORT LEARNING ON THE LOG

  • Chick-fil-A (Sandy Springs) Thursday night NOVEMBER 14 stop in anytime between 5:30PM-7:30PM (You must tell them you are with Learning on the Log---ALL Dine In, Take Out, and Drive Thru orders count)
  • Stevie B's Pizza (Johns Creek) Friday night NOVEMBER 22 stop in anytime between 6:30PM-9:00PM (You must tell them you are with Learning on the Log)
  • Zaxby's AND American Red Cross (Alpharetta) Saturday DECEMBER 7 stop in anytime between 11:00AM-3:00PM---SAVE THE DATE --- ALL dine in, take out, drive thru order count. And, for your convenience, you can donate blood at the American Red Cross bus that will also be there to support us!!

Our next free family event will be on Saturday December 14, 2013. COOKIES WITH SANTA from 12pm-3pm. Bring your family to take a picture with Santa and decorate cookies with your Learning on the Log friends!! ---details to come

Don't forget to fill your change jars and bring them in, so you can enter our next raffle. GREAT PRIZES to be won!!!

MOM's Support Group
Next meeting on November 14, 2013 at 7pm. Contact Jen deCastro for more details: The meeting will be held at our LOTL facility: 230 Hammond Dr Suite 330 Atlanta GA 30328.

Please contact Katie Franzen with any questions

"When is it a good time?"

When is the best time to INTERACT, RELATE, and COMMUNICATE with your child? This is a commonly asked question, and understandably so.  We are all very busy in our daily life with work, school, sports, and other extra curricular activities. Many parents spend hours driving their kids from one activity to another, so when can we find time to build meaningful relationships?

The answer is simple... ANYTIME:
Driving around town, INTERACT, RELATE, and COMMUNICATE
Cooking dinner at home, INTERACT, RELATE, and COMMUNICATE
Doing yard work on the weekend, INTERACT, RELATE, and COMMUNICATE
Cleaning the house or garage, INTERACT, RELATE, and COMMUNICATE
Doing homework at night, INTERACT, RELATE, and COMMUNICATE
Waiting for siblings to finish, INTERACT, RELATE, and COMMUNICATE

At Learning on the Log we INTERACT, RELATE, and COMMUNICATE in every location we visit. It does not matter if we are hiking, swimming, playing sports, rock climbing, or commuting in the van - our goal and focus remains the same. We INTERACT, RELATE, and COMMUNICATE, we develop relationships that have meaning, and we teach social skills that can be generalized to other areas of a child's life.

- Armann Fenger