Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I'm Not Crazy

In recent weeks I have overheard this conversation multiple times

Friend 1:  Wow, I am so overwhelmed
Friend 2:  Have you thought about seeking help?
Friend 1:  What do you mean?
Friend 2:  You know, go see a therapist
Friend 1:  I AM NOT CRAZY!

The implication here is that only crazy people need counseling, when in reality you are crazy for NOT going to counseling. 

Here are the facts:  Psychology Today reports that 59 million adults seek therapy in the United States.  GoodTherapy.org explains that an overwhelming majority of these individuals are “ordinary people with common, everyday issues”.  So, as research clearly indicates, therapy is for everyone including YOU, the reader, and it is only due to social stigmas why the word “crazy” is associated with therapy.

Dr. Howes, writing for Psychology Today, lists that adults in the US go to therapy because of distress, support/coping needs, communication issues, self-exploration, or mental disorders.  The simple truth is that every individual needs help processing events in our daily lives, and a counselor can help by giving support, information, guidance, or practice new tools.

Despite what you may have learned growing up, despite what you may see on TV or at the movies, and despite what may be said by some friends or acquaintances, going to therapy helps you THRIVE.  It is the strong, brave, and healthy that become vulnerable in order to grow, and they should be applauded and supported not ridiculed. 

If therapy is suggested to you, please go.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Will 2017 be "THE BEST YEAR EVER"?

Every year about this time, my mom makes her annual and confidant declaration: “Next year is going to be the BEST YEAR EVER!”

It does not matter how good or bad the year before has been, nor does it matter what the next year looks to be.  It is always the same, and it is always “THE BEST YEAR EVER!”

Let us analyze.  How was 2016 for you, and how does 2017 look to be?  For me, 2016 certainly had countless of exceptional days, but it also had many difficult days.  So, I would not rank 2016 as the BEST YEAR EVER, and the same will probably be true for 2017.  Next year, I have some fun adventures planned, several business opportunities on the horizon, and countless days filled with family time to look forward to.

In the end, what makes a year the BEST?  Is it important to have a BEST YEAR EVER?  Why do we want to have such a year?  The answers to these questions cannot only be complicated and confusing, but also unique to each of us.  The power these questions lie in the information we gain from looking and learning about what is important in our lives.  The answers will also give us great personal power to make decisions that will further improve our mental health and personal happiness.

Good luck on your journey of figuring out how to make 2017…