Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How are you feeling today?

How are you feeling today? Happy!

Learning on the Log is very excited to announce that the Enrichment Pre-K has begun! This week, the major theme is feelings. In learning feelings, it is important for the child to know and understand the different types of feelings that he or she can experience:  happy, sad, angry, surprised, silly, confused, etc. Visuals allow children to see how each feeling differs from the other.  Aside of showing a picture, it is vital for the child to be able to imitate each feeling.  Through imitation, the child can experience and learn what he and others look like when they are feeling a certain way.  

Each morning during circle time, the children are asked how they are feeling that day and point to the picture that goes with their feeling. Through this process, a child learns to be able to first recognize what he is feeling and then be able to communicate and express it to others. This is such a huge part of building relationships with others! Because of this, Learning on the Log helps each child throughout the day to be able to recognize what they are feeling.  For example, if a child is upset a staff  member will make a clear statement to the child:  "You are upset." Such statement allows for the child to hear, process, and recognize what he is feeling which opens the door for communication and interaction with others. And, that is what it's all about--communicating with one another and helping one another!

What do you look like when you are sad?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A twist to the game "duck, duck, goose!"

Anticipation builds: will he be chosen to be the goose?

Every child loves an old-fashioned game of duck, duck, goose! It is a simple game that gets every child to interact with one another.  We begin by getting the children to hold each other's hands and making a big circle.  Once the circle is big enough, everyone takes a seat.  Now, it is time for the action to begin! One child gets to go around the circle patting everyone on the head while saying "" until someone is chosen to be "goose." The child chosen to be goose must try to catch the child that chose him! If the child cannot catch him, he is now the one that must go around the circle saying "duck, duck...goose!"

At Learning on the Log, we always seek opportunities to challenge our kids a little bit further. In this case, we challenge the kids to use two different words. For example, instead of  saying "duck, duck, goose," the child could decide to use the words "choo, choo, train!"  This allows for each child to personalize the game according to their individual interests.  This way, both the staff and the kids get to share and learn more about each other. Simple twists and changes to games gives every child at Learning on the Log a whole new, different, and fun experience!

Run, run! Don't let him catch you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Goofing off with friends!

Oh the days, when we were all kids and goofing off was a way of life! Some may have the mindset that acting silly and goofing off with a child does not carry any significant value, but Learning on the Log highly encourages such interactions with our kids. Why? Mainly because it has proven over and over again that these interactions engage the child immediately and help sustain the interaction in a fun, positive way! Not only that, but both the staff and the kids start to develop such a meaningful relationship--a FRIENDSHIP that simply started off with a smile and a good laugh.

What better way to be a friend (communicate, relate, and interact) to a child than by letting the inner child within you surface?

Here is a wonderful story that depicts that goofing off and acting silly strengthens the bond between friends. Before the start of a game of baseball, a staff member and a few kids were all talking with each other and having a good time. The staff member started to joke with a child that his t-shirt had to go! He was wearing a t-shirt with a college team that was not acceptable! To include every child that was there, the staff member decided to take a vote on who thought it would be a good idea for that t-shirt to be done away with and who did not. The voting was a way to allow everyone to participate, and the whole joke resulted in much laughter! In the end, it was just a couple of kids and a staff member enjoying each other's company and having some fun before a game just like any other team.

The next time you resist being silly or goofing off with a child, remember this:  you are missing out on such a special and great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the child.  Not to mention, who doesn't love to see a child be overjoyed with happiness?

Enjoy the pictures below of friends goofing off together!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Slowing down the pace

At Learning on the Log, we are always encouraging kids to move and play and have fun! But, we are aware that the kids may also need time to wind down and slow the pace. In order to support our kids, several calming techniques are utilized:  sitting in a circle to have conversations, snack/water break, yoga, and much more! Our kids do such a fantastic job at carrying out each activity and game. Some have even overcame various challenges while playing. After working so hard, the best reward can be relaxation. Check out the different ways our kids take a break at Learning on the Log!


        Leaning on each other!


                                                      Snack and water break!


                                                          Talking with a friend!


                                           Sitting together under a colorful parachute!

After such simple ways to slow down the pace, the kids are ready for some more fun, action, and games!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Getting ready to jump!

At our programs, we focus to emphasize the dynamics of team building and working together as a group. A simple way this is done is by including everyone in an activity: whether it is joining hands to jump into the pool at the same time or putting our hands in the middle to say a cheer together, the outcome is always the same:  each child feels like part of a team with his or her friends!

Although an activity such  as jumping in the pool together may be challenging for some children, we are always there to support each child. Even though jumping into the pool may seem like a simple task, our kids may have difficulty holding hands with others, waiting for the countdown to jump into the pool, and some may even be hesitant to jump.  When this occurs, our staff provide each child with the help they deserve and need: the kids get help to hold each other's hands, we talk to each child about listening for the countdown and when to jump, and we verbalize to those that are hesitant to jump that we will jump with them to have that individualized support. 

As a result, it comes down to this:  1..2..3..JUMP! The kids and staff jump into the pool, and a BIG SPLASH is made! Both the kids and staff come out from under the water with big smiles!

In the end, each child overcame their individual challenge while in a group setting that resulted in accomplishment and much fun with friends!

BIG smile after jumping!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A walk down memory lane!

For the past eleven years, Learning on the Log has had great success. Many children have joined, have kept coming back, and they are still part of it all! We are extremely excited for the future of Learning on the Log, and we hope that all of you will be part of the journey to our expansion and growth.

Learning on the Log has had the opportunity to meet many kids and their families, and over the years, we have been able to be part of their lives. We have shared happiness and fun with each child! We have also helped each child overcome difficulties that have made our relationships stronger through communicating with one another. We have provided support, encouragement, and have shared the joy of kids accomplish both team and individual goals. Best part of Learning on the Log? 

We love that our social skills programs allow a fun environment for each child to build strong and meaningful relationships with other kids and our staff!

As the years pass by, we get to see the changes of every child. One thing remains constant: the happiness in their faces. That in turn, brings much happiness to Learning on the Log. Check out this video from a few years ago. Our kids have grown, but the fun is still continuing!

What are some of your favorite Learning on the Log memories? Share them with us!