Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween: a time to practice social skills and have fun!


Tomorrow is Halloween! Halloween consists of  make-believe play, social interactions, and a lot of candy! It is a time to have fun, but for many of our kids it may be difficult to comprehend what Halloween is all about. Make sure to communicate with your child what happens on Halloween and what all takes place during the night:  costumes, trick or treating, candy, etc.  It may be more helpful  if a schedule is made in order for the child to know what to expect. Pictures can be added to the schedule to create a visual aid.

    Because kids are surrounded by other kids and adults, it is such an opportune time to encourage social skills.  Help your child interact with other children and help prepare them to properly go trick or treating.  Little LOTL is a great tool to use on this night! Little LOTL can be decorated before going trick or treating and can accompany your child. Explain to your child that Little LOTL is there to have fun with him or her and that he wants to make new friends! Be creative with Little LOTL, and utilize him to help you explain and provide comfort for your child during Halloween. And don't forget: take a picture with Little LOTL and your child while in Halloween costume and send it in to kathleen@learningonthelog.com!

Many exciting things are occurring during Halloween so if you can tell your child needs a break, give them one. It is essential to communicate and show  your child that if they feel overwhelmed at any time during Halloween you are there to support them.  


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The power of creativity

Getting ready for noodle chain train! 
(Kids grab on to their noodle and their friend's noodle beside them..forms a water train!)

Yesterday was the launch of session two for the fall! It has been so great to see new and familiar smiling faces! 

By the time  kids come to Learning on the Log, they have already had a full day of school where school work and meeting classroom expectations can sometimes become overwhelming. At our programs we aim for the kids to not only make new friends, communicate their feelings, and share their ideas, but also to have fun playing and trying new things. For this reason, our staff love to introduce new and exciting games! Creative games such as "Noddle Chain Train" allow kids to experience something completely different than they would at home or school. The outcome? The kids work together, accomplish a goal together, and more importantly, get to share the excitement of a new adventure!

A little creativity goes a long way in our programs because it opens up the door for new ways to interact and engage with others in a fun environment!

PVC pipes turned into a fun, new, and challenging obstacle course!