Thursday, May 31, 2012

What to expect at Summer Camp

The Learning on the Log newsletter: "the LOTL Letter", edition 1
Read all about our first week of camp and how you can help us, as we provide the social support necessary for children to succeed!

Pictures from our first two days of camp......

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why we are different

What sets us apart from other similar programs? Here is a little description of:

Why we are different

Learning on the Log provides recreational programs such as hiking, swimming, gymnastics, team sports, team building games, and natural settings that help foster development and social/relationship skills.  Unlike other social skills programs where the children meet in a therapists office, our children develop social skills, in natural situations such as hiking together on a trail, playing games in a pool, navigating a playground, or testing their skills on a sports field. 

Through the development of friendships with our staff and other children, each child encounters scenarios that will have a greater meaning to them personally, therefore motivating them to try again.  Lessons learned during meaningful interactions, have a greater chance of generalizing to other social situations, such as with their parents, siblings, and with teachers and peers at school. 

We believe that social skills and strategies are learned through spontaneous and organic situations. Our staff work very hard to nurture and support any conflicts that arise naturally when you put a group of kids together. Such as: misunderstandings, winning, losing, or dealing with challenging feelings.  Our activities are temporarily stopped or the children involved are taken aside, when a conflict arises, in order to process these social breakdowns. 

We support them in understanding what actually happened versus what they perceived to happen, and we help them work through how they feel about that and resolve the conflict. The activity is then continued, or the child re-joins after having talked through the incident.  This emphasis of processing, charged social-emotional episodes, sets Learning on the Log apart from other recreational programs who only emphasizes a sensory experience.  Any social growth there is incidental.

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