Friday, February 22, 2013

Summer Camp Memories

As we get ready for SUMMER CAMP 2013, it is good to reminisce on last year's lessons and experiences.  

Lesson 1: Use spray sun tan lotion.

Spray is Better

The other week we ran out of spray sun tan lotion and had to use our back up cream lotion.  In theory there should not be a big difference between the two, but reality proved something very different.  Generally, many summer time campers reluctantly allow the spray to be put on them, so the cream lotion proved to push their limits.  Staff was diligent in making sure adequate protection was used and that meant sometimes using a bit too much.  Like in the picture above, many were in disbelieve over seeing so much white stuff on their bodies, and one commented: "I am never doing this again."  Even after jumping into the pool the lotion was visible for some time.  Throughout the swim time there were many conversations about how uncomfortable this lotion was and how would it ever disappear.  Thankfully plenty of spray bottle were brought back to the pool, and that kind of situation was avoided.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This week we wanted to change things by posting a VLOG.

Brick Heck is quirky, but a LOTL favorite, character on the ABC show "the Middle".  He struggles with his interactions and with his relationships, but has a fun and unique way of relating.

Watch a short video clip of Brick navigating his world.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top Qualities in a LOTL staff

These are the highest rated attributes when hiring LOTL staff:

Hard working
Child focused
A lot of affect
Interest in child development
Open for coaching
Willing to take risks
Willing to try new things
Comfortable in chaos
Adapting to changing situations
Comfortable working as part of a team
High endurance level both Physically and emotionally
Comfortable canoeing or kayaking